What Do We Offer?


Ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons are trained in the surgical and medical treatment of conditions of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck, including facial plastics and some cosmetic surgery.

West Yorkshire ENT Surgeons offer a comprehensive consultant-led service for the benefit of  adults & children 3+. Available at 3 convenient centres where ENT Disorders & symptoms can be assessed, diagnosed and treated.

Comprehensive facilities are available for investigating and treating ENT problems with outpatients and surgical procedures on a day case or inpatient basis.

Outpatient facilities offer up to date endoscopic equipment to examine nose and throat with a microscope for detailed examination of the ear.

WYENTS partners are leading specialists in this area and are highly skilled in many surgical procedures. These procedures are grouped under the following general headings listed below.

Ears & Hearing

We are able to evaluate various aspects of hearing loss. Also the ability to treat various conditions. In children they are commonly affected with fluid in their middle ears – “glue ears” and sometimes this is treated by grommets and occasionally removal of adenoids.

Perforations of the ear drum can restrict activities and the pros and cons of surgical repair. “hole in ear drum

Some ears may frequently discharge because of middle ear disease. The presence of skin also called a cholesteatoma may require exploration of the mastoid bone.

Referral for hearing aids and other implantable devices can be made.

Some middle ear conditions result in stiffening of the bones (ossicles) this can be assessed by surgical exploration and sometimes a stapedectomy operation

For patients unable to wear hearing aids we are leaders in offering a full range of implantable systems – Bone conducting Hearing Devices (BCHD) see links ro the left side menu.

Children and adults with severe to profound hearing losses can be assessed for cochlear implants with

  • Medel
  • Cochlear
  • Advanced Bionics

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Whilst there is no formal surgical treatment for tinnitus we do have access to therapists.


Finding a lump in the neck can cause considerable anxiety and worry. If a neck lump is found, it is sensible to seek medical advice from your Doctor. The neck contains a wide variety of structures and therefore there are a large number of different causes for lumps or swellings to appear.

A medical consultation with a thorough examination and perhaps some simple investigations will usually lead to a clear diagnosis. In some cases early treatment may be important to prevent serious consequences, and persistent or growing neck lumps should never be ignored. Any lump in an adult which, remains for more than two to three weeks, should be investigated thoroughly, often in a specialist clinic or hospital.

Head and Neck

Including assessment of neck masses, salivary gland disorders and Thyroid disease.

The Thyroid Gland

Low in the neck is the Thyroid gland, which may swell (causing a “goitre”) or contain lumps which are usually benign in nature. Thyroid cancers tend to have a very good prognosis, but early diagnosis and treatment in a specialist clinic is essential. Some people are born with cysts associated with the Thyroid gland but higher in the neck, which may become infected and get bigger later in life. Similar cysts may be found in other parts of the neck and will need to be removed if they are causing troublesome symptoms.

The Salivary Glands

High in the neck there are two pairs of glands which make saliva. Inflammation or blockage of the salivary duct can cause painful neck lumps. If the salivary duct is blocked, the gland may swell up during eating. (ENT UK)

We can perform fine needle aspiration (FNA) assess thyroid swellings and problems related to the submandibular parotidglands.


Tonsillitis is still one of the most common conditions in children. Your throat can be examined endoscopically but sometimes patients with a husky voice might require microlaryngeal surgery. Similarly, difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) can be assessed in various ways including oesophagoscopy. Infections, stones and growths in the salivary glands may require removal of the submandibular gland or parotids. Specialisation into surgical treatment of thyroid conditions are also offered.


Including Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty (bat ears). Otoplasty or pinnaplasty is an operation that is usually done to set back prominent ears closer to the side of the head, but can also be used to correct overly large ears.

Nose & Sinuses

Acute injuries to the nose can be manipulated. But if there are rultant deformities to the middle partition of the nose (septum)septoplasty might help or if more severe deformity has occurred – rhinoplasy. There are various troublesome conditions such as catarrh and sinusitis. Infections and allergies can be some of the numerous causes of nasal blockage nasal blockage. In some patients polyps can develop and if they don’t respond to medical therapies can be treated by functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) Nose bleeds should always be investigated. In vast majority othey can be treated with simple cautery. However, tumors need to be excluded. We have access to comprehensive endoscopy and radiological imaging.  

Snoring – ‘sleep disordered breathing’

Sleep apnoea is when you stop breathing during sleep. The sleep apnoea which occurs in snorers is called obstructive sleep apnoea because the throat actually blocks while you are sleeping. Sufferers can be seen to be struggling for air and tend to wake with a loud grunt or snort. Sometimes they actually hear their own snoring and if a snorer is waking himself up at night, it is often because of sleep apnoea.


All referral should be by your family GP. They will be able to supply us with all appropriate past and current medical history about your condition.

  • Insured patients should always seek authroisation before consultations.
  • Once seen, guidance will be given regarding any additional treatments as investigations and procedures are additional to consultation fees.
  • Similarly, consultations can be obtained by self funding. A full list of costs can be obtained form the appropriate site secretary
  • A limited number of patients can be seen via the NHS by a process of Choose and book.

WYENTS offers clinical services and comprehensive facilities over three sites.

  • The Yorkshire Clinic is the region’s leading independent hospital and is set in three acres of woodland in the grounds of Cottingley Hall near Bingley.
  • The Nuffield Hospital in Leeds opened in September 2002. It is one of the most technically advanced private hospitals in Europe and one of the leading providers of private healthcare in the area.
  • The Spire Longlands Consulting Rooms in Dewsbury is the UK’s fifth largest group of private hospitals.

For further information about ENT Procedures & syptoms, you can visit ENT UK and download the patient Information Leaflets.